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Born in Patagonia, Argentina 
Lives & works in Nashville, TN
Available worldwide 

   My life started in Patagonia, Argentina. I am a professional photographer, I love what I do, and because of that, I include all of my heart in the process. I have been living my passion as a photographer for ten years.

   My career started in Buenos Aires, upon graduating from ISEC University with a degree in Photography. After Buenos Aires, I wanted to expand my fashion photography work into Europe, so I moved to beautiful Barcelona, Spain. In Spain, I spent two years evolving as an artist, taking advanced photography classes, and professionalizing my work.

   Life sometimes surprises you without a warning, and as life would have it, I happened to meet my husband, from Cleveland Ohio, at a restaurant in Madrid. My love brought me to the USA, to be with him, we love new adventures and explore this wonderful world, We spent three amazing years in Amman, Jordan, and an amazing year and a half in Washington DC.


   Now, I capture absolutely everything with my camera, we are unbreakable friends. I capture family portraits, athletes, fashion, engagements, weddings, babies, and of course, our trips around the globe.

   I am here to stop time for you and preserve the moments that you want to treasure for the rest of your life. Everything that leaves a mark on your life, and changes your life forever, can be captured in a photograph. It's imperative that someone who understands how important, and how fleeting, these moments are capture them for you.


   "A picture is worth a thousand words" is the popular saying; however, when that picture is taken by someone with experience, artistic techniques, from the heart with passion, it's worth way more than a thousand words...

At this moment we are in Nashville TN, but also available worldwide!! if you are in the area and would love to have beautiful family, couple, or elopement wedding pictures please contact me. 

   Mi vida comenzó en Argentina, mas precisamente en la Patagonia.

   Soy fotógrafa profesional, amo lo que hago y lo hago con la técnica y el corazón, desde hace diez años inicie mi carrera profesional en Buenos Aires, hasta que necesite un cambio, y ese cambio me llevo a Barcelona, donde continue desarrollándome, mejorando y profesionalizándome.

   Pero las sorpresas de la vida nunca las podemos medir, conocí a mi marido y las vueltas me han traído a EEUU. a acompañarlo en sus aventuras y sus viajes.

   Todo, absolutamente todo es captado por mi cámara, que es mi compañera inseparable. Desde fotos familiares, bebes, deportes, casamientos y, por supuesto, nuestros viajes.

   Estoy aquí para dejar tus huellas grabadas en imágenes para vos. Todo aquello que creas que es importante en tu vida, puede ser eternizado en fotografías. Y es muy importante que alguien que entienda de su valor, las tome.

   "Una imagen vale mas que mil palabras" dice el dicho, y cuando esa imagen es tomada desde la experiencia, la técnica y el corazón, vale mucho mas...

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